Using Toners for security

With the rise of the home PC and scanning and printing hardware brand owners are facing a huge battle to protect their brand image from poor quality and dangerous counterfeit products. Counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to counterfeit products and packaging and it is more important than ever to work closely during the manufacturing stage with product and packaging facilities to provide the extra security that your brand needs.

By working alongside your print producer you can add extra layers of protection to your product, and by adding these features pre-press it could be much more cost effective than you realize.
Our Xeikon digital press here at ORIENT Quality Print allow us to work protection into even the toner you use on your product, ensuring that no matter how sophisticated the counterfeited product no true representation can be achieved without the specific toners used, Here are some examples of how digital toners could protect your brand.
Security Toner
UV reflective clear toner

This is achieved using a clear toner to add invisible text or images which are almost impossible to see without a UV light source or black light emitting in the 350-385nm light range. The use of clear toner is not easy to replicate as the toner needs to be used on a substrate that contains no optical brighteners for the effect to work correctly. Checking the authenticity of the product is quick and easy to achieve and adding a clear toner can be a very cost effective way to protect your brand.

Raised images

The feel and texture of the printed product can also be introduced as a security and brand protection element. Printing a specific image or text using four toners on top of each other inside a black field in one layer can create an obvious visual and tactile difference on your product. A difference that is impossible to recreate with a conventional CMYK printer.

Brand color toner

Certain brand owners may want to have Xeikon develop their own proprietary brand color toner, by creating a brand color toner that is out of the gamut of CMYK printing you can ensure that the color will be unmatchable with a CMYK printer. If this is then incorporated into security features that make use of our XEIKON press's 1200dpi (like micro text or Guilloche) the effect will be unmatchable for counterfeiters.

Security tagged toner

Another approach to high end security efforts is the creation and printing of security tagged toners. It consists of adding one or more chemical or physical markers to materials such as the substrate or the toner itself to allow various forms of verification. Taggants bring truly unique benefits in that they are completely invisible, are permanently present and not removable from the toner and are incredibly difficult to reverse engineer.

Here at ORIENT Quality Print  we pride ourselves on being on the very forefront of new technology and by working closely with our toner suppliers can help you create the security your brand deserves, contact us today for more information.

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