Micro Text Security

Micro text printing is one of many anti-counterfeiting techniques used to authenticate labels, bank notes and product packaging, it involves printing text that is so small it is invisible to the naked eye, this can be incredibly hard for counterfeiters to replicate.

Microprint Text is frequently hidden in an inconspicuous, unnoticeable area on the product or label. For example, on Singapore bank notes there is micro text located beneath the portrait that spells out the value of the note. An additional safety feature often used is an easily overlooked spelling error inserted somewhere in the micro-printed text. For instance in old Finnish passports, there was a micro-printed repeated text Suomi Finland which in one (and only one) instance was intentionally misspelled as Soumi Finland.
How does it prevent Counterfeiting

Microprinting works through the fact that text of such small size is very difficult to reproduce accurately or counterfeit without the original artwork files. When the item is placed in a photocopier or scanner, the line of microprint text will appear to the scanner as a dotted or solid line if the scanning resolution is not exceptionally high. Likewise, without a high resolution digital printer, They will be incapable of reproducing the microprint, which will then appear as a solid or dotted line or very low quality text on the counterfeit item when it is printed.
Attempts to counterfeit using a printing press will not accurately reproduce the microprint, because the text is too small to reproduce on printing plates using methods available to the general public and to counterfeiters. Thus, microprinting can ultimately serve to confirm the fact that the product which it is printed is genuine.

How we can help

Here at ORIENT Quality Print we use the latest Xeikon Digital press, our Xeikon 3030 at 1200dpi (4bit per dot). This allows us to successfully produce high quality micro text.1200dpi means that the LED array used in our Xeikon presses holds 1200 LED's over a distance of one inch resulting in toner dots of just 21 micron, (The human eye cannot discriminate dots smaller than 30 micron!) hence the sharpness of lines and text.
If you would like to find out more or would like to incorporate micro text security into your product packaging or labels contact one of our sales team today.

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Micro Text Security

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