The Benchmark in Digital Label Printing

At ORIENT Quality Print, we have seen over the last couple of years that most of our customers' ordering patterns have changed and the run lengths have become smaller with increasingly quicker turnaround times required. With this in mind, we purchased the Xeikon 3030 press.

The Xeikon 3030 digital press use the latest contact fusing technology to provide exceptional high quality (1200 DPI Image) self-adhesive labels without the need to produce costly films and plates.

The press is capable of printing onto a wide range of substrates, utilising CMYK process colours that can be varnished or laminated for use in harsher environments.

The press also offers the option of printing an opaque white, perfect  for backing illustrations on clear materials and provides crisp registration, smooth tones with the labels supplied on a roll or in a single format.

As the Xeikon 3030 uses enhanced dry toners as opposed to solvents the Xeikon is one of the most environmentally friendly digital presses in the business.

We are constantly being approached by customers to come up with a cost effective labelling solution for specific bespoke jobs.If your labelling requirements involve any of the following,digital printing may offer you
an ideal solution.

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