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The Benchmark in Digital Label Printing

Does your company have a large range requiring regular changes?
As the digital press requires no plates and minimum repro, digital offers a cost effective and speedy solution for
companies with an extensive label range. The Xeikon 3030 is ideal for just-in-time label printing making costly
storage of label overstock a thing of the past.

Do you want to run promotions or personalize your labels?
We can personalize your labels with names, addresses, photographs, bar codes, numbering, sell by dates or any
other variable data. We can incorporate your database into a label design and as a result offering you unlimited
marketing opportunities.

Do you require smaller quantities to get a competitive price?
With no minimum order quantities, you only need order enough labels to meet your immediate production needs.
You no longer need have money tied up in stock, which runs the risk of becoming obsolete.

Will digital print on most materials?
Digital labels may be printed on a wide range of substrates including white, gold or silver paper, and white or clear
polypropylene. A variety of adhesive types are also available.

Do you need to protect your labels?
Our labels can be protected with a UV varnish or a laminate as required. A special varnish is available for thermal
transfer labels so that you can overprint using your own thermal printer.

What size of labels can you print?
The Xeikon press can print a label 307mm wide and up to 55metres in length if required. We have a large library of
cutters available for you to use or you can have a bespoke cutter made to suit your requirements.

Can I have a proof before I order?
With digital technology, you can have an actual proof of the job on the material you have chosen at a fraction of
the cost that would be required on a traditional flexographic press.